----LEKANI创始人   Yasir    
设计珠宝一直是在我内心的激情,而我来自一个拥有设计和制造珠宝首饰历史的家庭。从我的角度来说,我继续我们的家族业务并开始设计高端珠宝首饰。当我遇见妻子时,我真的发现了 我的生意的意义。 我们彼此亲密,每当她戴着珠宝时看到她的幸福面孔,我就会知道从事珠宝首饰业务的原因和意义。那张幸福的面孔让我了解了珠宝首饰可以带给人类的快乐和幸福--- 那就是爱。 这使我在设计上有了更多的想法。 这就是 LEKANI珠宝的来历。
Designing jewelry always be a passion in my heart .And I come from a family which has designing and manufacturing jewelry history.From my part , I continue our family business and start to design high-end Jewelry.When I met my wife I really find the meaning of my business. We are closed to each other and every time I saw her happiness face when she wears a jewelry I get what and why I do the jewelry business.That happiness face let me understand what jewelry can bring to human,that is happy and well-being. That is love. And that makes me create more idea on designing . And that is how lekani jewelry comes .
每个人都可以佩戴一件对他们意义重大的首饰的想法,激发了我们努力工作,并以合理的价格提供独特,高质量的珠宝首饰设计。 我相信简化而不是简单,可以代表珠宝首饰的最高价值,因此我们始终坚持为您提供最精简的设计,最苛刻的质量和最合理的价格的产品。 我们的产品线非常完整,包括耳环,戒指,手链和手镯,脚链,项链和吊坠等,可以满足您的需求。
We create jewelry with meaning and give our dainty minimalist touch.The idea that everyone can wear a piece of jewelry that means so much to them inspires us to work hard and provide unique and high quality jewelry designs at a reasonable price point. I believe that simplify but not simple can represent the highest value of jewelry, so we always insist provide products with the most streamlined design, the most demanding quality with the most reasonable price to you. Our product line is very complete, including earrings, rings, bracelets & bangles, anklets, necklaces & pendants, etc. to meet your demand.
We care about your wear experience, so our looking forward to interacting with you, hope that you can tell us how you feel when you have wear it, we really enjoy that you can feeling happiness. we will listen to your suggestions carefully, it will give us more inspiration to create more and more new designs you like.
凭借在高端珠宝行业的多年经验,我们的设计师可以创作几乎所有类型的珠宝,并且可以进行任何设计! 我们的使命是继续创造负担得起的高质量有意义的珠宝,为世界带来多点幸福快乐。因此我们将继续致力于新的设计。
With years of experience in the high end jewelry industry, our designers can create almost any kind of jewelry and any design is possible! We have a mission to continue to create affordable high quality meaningful jewelry so we are always
continuing to work on new projects.


Bring more happiness to the world!